Home. The Movie Theater of the Future

Do you remember the time when a movie and dinner was the default activity for young couples? Buy a ticket, watch the trailers, eat your popcorn and enjoy your time for the next hour and a half. Fast-forward to 2017 and that image is on its way to be a past time like A-tracks. Today, a typical date night out to the movies will cost $60-$70. It may not be much to working adults but to a teenager making minimum wage, it would be an expensive outing. Let’s put it in another scenario; a family of 4 would need to spend $140 dollars at their favorite theater! This number to a lot of families would be considered a treat to kids every other month! Are movies getting expensive? I would say so but not to one person. Quoted in USA Today dated July 2013, Patrick Corcoran, Vice President of the National Association of Theaters Owners said, “The price increase still leaves movie going as one of the USA’s cheapest social options. Adjusted for inflation, that $1.76 movie ticket in 1973 would cost $9.26 today.” He continues, “Movies still stand out as a less expensive out-of-home experience…” Inflation or not, $300 dollars a month could be a deal-breaker for parents.

Besides the increase of movie tickets, the annoying experiences have not changed. We all still deal with rowdy crowds, talkative people sitting next to us, babies crying, people making untimely exits to the bathroom during the good parts, overpriced food and children-sized seats. All of this diminishes the movie-going experience. How to people deal with this? They simply stop going. Movie theaters noticed this and revamped their theater setups with reclining cushy chairs, better food and flight attendant type service right to your seat. The new look has been quite agreeable to the movie folks but, unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped the wave of people finding other ways to view their favorite flick for less.

Let’s add technology into the mix and we have a deadly recipe for eventual decline of cinema. From bootlegger DVDs to “jail-broken” Amazon fire sticks, the movie industry has taken a serious blow in the pocket. At some point, they will suffer the same outcome as what malls are going through now. TVs are bigger, better and cheaper. A good one would be in the neighborhood of $1600. Bad sound? No worries. Sound systems now have movie theater quality audio! A decent one starts around $300!

The digital age has made theatrical releases available within 3 months time. In the old days of VHS, it would take over a year! Eventually, movie production houses will have to offer new movies on the same day of their release in theaters. Who can beat a quality television, rich sound and picture perfect movie streaming?! Take it from this New Yorker, if I could, most of my movie watching will be right at home. I won’t mind watching Logan right from the comfort of my couch with popcorn in hand and the drink to go with it.


By Nova Phoenix