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What is a lyfer? A lyfer is a forward-thinker, a dreamer, a visionary, an inventor, a motivator and a thought-provoker. A lyfer is all these things and more. If you believe that you are more than what you are. You’re right. If you believe what you’re doing is not what you want to be. You’re right! If you know your surroundings is limiting your personal growth. You’re right! We all have the potential to be great. We just have to create surroundings that encourage our positive growth; Be what you dream to be. Sign up and be a lyfer. Be free.

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Check out what lyfers are building in their project section! You can view what their latest creations are and be informed on when and where they plan on releasing it to the world. Hey, if you’re inspired enough, contact them to see how you can contribute to their passion.

ANNOUNCEMENT – GCOM radio! A new logo. A new journey. We’re on iHeart Radio!

Hey all, It has been over 6 months doing G-COM radio and it’s been a blast. I should have been doing this years ago. lol It’s funny how things come about. First, I would like […]

The Brooklyn Muay Thai Collective

Collaborative effort to connect and train with other local Muay Thai, San Shou, and Sanda practitioners. Currently scouting locations for sessions over the next two weeks. The Project is tentatively slated to start in January […]


LB Media Panel

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G-COM radio Ep. 43: Amazon Fires | Insta-Hoaxes | Are We In a Golden Era of Hip-Hop?
For this show, I speak about the Amazon fires and how it represents humans current mind state. The 2nd segment
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G-COM radio Ep. 42: Regenerative Economics & Lyfeblood | Jay-Z & NFL
For this show, I talk about the term regenerative economics and how it ties into the lyfeblood’s mission statement and
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G-COM radio Ep. 41: 5 Good Tips on Great Sex | Will Smith’s The Last Pharaoh | Direct to TV
For this show, I talk about 5 good tips on great sex! Fellas, is the list legit? The 2nd segment
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G-COM radio Ep. 40: Scottie’s Romance Movies | Idris talks Tech | Mass Shootings & Racism
For this show, I talk about @scottiebeam twitter comment on romance movies. It got me thinking off on a tangent
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G-COM radio Ep. 39: A Big No on Kato Promoting Music Streaming? | Tay-K’s a rapper?! | Big Sean’s Ex
For this show, I speak about an IG post made by @Katoproducer promoting music streaming. His hearts in the right
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G-COM radio Ep. 38: Social Media Illusion | Evils of Voldemort | Google & Lyfeblood
For this show, I speak about the illusion of social media, some who reject it and others who will do
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G-COM radio Ep. 37: UFOs | Can We Do Polygamy? | Jermaine Dupri & Female Rappers
For this show, I speak about why I don’t believe in the visitation of UFOs despite all the video, docs
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G-COM radio Ep. 36: Sudan Crisis Part 2 | Homosexuality in Hip-Hop | Joss Stone & Iran
For this show, I continue with the topic of the Sudan crisis. There are many countries going through similar societal
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G-COM radio Ep. 35: Sudan Crisis Part 1 | Eric Holder & the Driver’s Immunity | Rapper’s Names
For this show, I speak about the Sudan crisis and how to support the country. In the future, I’ll keep
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G-COM radio Ep. 34: John Henry & VCs | NY’s Marijuana | Breastfeeding
For this show, we discuss @johnhenrystyle at the @blackenterprise FWD event discussing the 3% that goes to women and minorities
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