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What is a lyfer? A lyfer is a forward-thinker, a dreamer, a visionary, an inventor, a motivator and a thought-provoker. A lyfer is all these things and more. If you believe that you are more than what you are. You’re right. If you believe what you’re doing is not what you want to be. You’re right! If you know your surroundings is limiting your personal growth. You’re right! We all have the potential to be great. We just have to create surroundings that encourage our positive growth; Be what you dream to be. Sign up and be a lyfer. Be free.

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ANNOUNCEMENT – GCOM radio! A new logo. A new journey. We’re on iHeart Radio!

Hey all, It has been over 6 months doing G-COM radio and it’s been a blast. I should have been doing this years ago. lol It’s funny how things come about. First, I would like […]

The Brooklyn Muay Thai Collective

Collaborative effort to connect and train with other local Muay Thai, San Shou, and Sanda practitioners. Currently scouting locations for sessions over the next two weeks. The Project is tentatively slated to start in January […]


LB Media Panel

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G-COM radio Ep. 86: Lyfeblood Born Out of The Social Dilemma
In the opening, I talk about Kanye making another statement but this time freeing artist, the passing of Supreme Court
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G-COM radio Ep. 85: Doja Cat Learned from Iggy | Homeless Problem | Sabotaging Hip-Hop
In the opening, I talk about Doja Cat’s run in with Nas, Naomi Osaka woke win and other topics. In
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G-COM radio Ep. 84: Dre’s Divorce | Lyfeblood’s Impact | Farms & Fruit Picking
In the opening, I speak on the craziness of Dr. Dre’s divorce, status of the USPS, Terry Crews and more.
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G-COM radio Ep. 83: RIP Chadwick Boseman | Marching On | Chin Up, Doc Rivers
In the opening, I discuss the passing of Chadwick Boseman, missing children and a bad Ty Dolla Sign’s music video.
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G-COM radio Ep. 82: Jeez Torey! | Prime Rules to a Good Relationship | The Downfall
In the opening, I talk about Meg the Stallion coming forward about Torey Lanes, theFlint resident settlement and more. In
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G-COM radio Ep. 81: New Head Honchos | C’mon, Akon | UBI is Rising
In this episode, I get into how to deal with the new head honchos stepping in (You know who I’m
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G-COM radio Ep. 80: Cardi B & Meg WAP! | Lyfe Transfer Centers | Lyfe like an Actor
In this episode, I get into Megan the Stallion and Cardi Wet Ass P*ssy (No Pun Intended), the protests in
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G-COM radio Ep. 79: Black is King Inspires | Memes and Meg | Highlander Monopolies
In this episode, I talk about Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro, being inspired by Beyonce in Black is King, what
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G-COM radio Ep. 78: Old Gen Vs. New Gen | Yes! Natural Hair | COVID is Changing Society
In this episode, I talk about the passing of the old generation and their arguable tactics and stepping into the
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Nick Cannon and the Problem of Ghettonetics
Hey all, I just dropped a quick piece on my thoughts concerning Nick Cannon and the controversy that happened on
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