Project by Nova Phoenix

We're here! WPRD 98.3 G-COM is debuting July 31st, 2018! GCOM radio is an internet radio show discussing news, entertainment, current events and interviews with interesting characters from around the world. It serves as a means of promoting the brand and reaching out to a community to a diverse, forward-thinking, passionate class of people. How will we be different from other podcasts? We’ll give you what you want. We’ll have good music from around the world primarily Hip-Hop and R&B but also other sounds from around the globe. Speaking of music, let me introduce you to La Tasha K. Mason, the music director of the show. She has years in the entertainment business and is here to give our audience fantastic music from the unheard to the known on G-COM radio. It’s an honor to be working with this beautiful soul! What else makes G-COM radio different from other shows? We are connected to, a “crowdfunding” platform that builds people’s financial power and independence. We’re on a mission to not just do what we love in music but also to spread the message to people about taking their independence into their own hands. We’re here to connect with souls and create a community on the lyfeblood platform. As we grow together, we will create new ways of working in business, music, arts, politics and tech within this global collective. C’mon! Be a lyfer! This is how we’ll stay connected.