G-COM radio podcast! LET’S GO 2021!!!

Project by Nova Phoenix

Hey all, It's been a joy doing G-COM radio! I've had so much fun in 2020! It was a pleasure to promote lyfeblood.com, talk about current events, promote new black businesses on the come up or already serving their customers and playing indie artists on the show. It's been great to build relationships with artists I've met and I look forward to building with new artists for 2021! I really enjoy working on this medium as apart of lyfeblood.com. I realize it's always been my thing since having a TV show back in my 20s. LOL For 2021, I'm charged to keep bringing G-COM radio to the world. There are so many ways I'm going to make steps in building this communications aspect of lyfeblood.com. Keep tuned in. And, as always, join lyfeblood.com, be a lyfer, donate a dollar and let's create a new, sustainable society we've always wanted. Much love, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Nova Phoenix Founder/CEO Lyfeblood.com G-COM radio