ANNOUNCEMENT – GCOM radio! A new logo. A new journey. We’re on iHeart Radio!

Project by Nova Phoenix

Hey all, It has been over 6 months doing G-COM radio and it's been a blast. I should have been doing this years ago. lol It's funny how things come about. First, I would like to show love to my co-host, La Tasha Mason for joining me on this ride. It's been quite a time. For 2019, we've made an important milestone with the show. We have joined the iHeartRadio platform to reach a broader audience and strengthen the brand. We're looking forward in this new year to be filled with new shows, events and conferences that will expand the community and solidify our standing in our market. The music element is still a key element being that I've been an artist myself in my younger years. In the age of the internet and the continuous changing landscape of the music business, I feel can be another opportunity for artists to get the money they deserve from the work they create in the studio. Please tune in April 2, 2019 on iHeart as we start our new journey in the podcast world. If you're a old listener or a new one, please support the show and lyfeblood by donating $1 to G-COM on my page. We're going to show that a global community of like-minded people can be the sole salvation to the problems that face us today. Join, be a lyfer, donate a dollar and let's get started in this new society we've always wanted. Best to all of you, Nova Phoenix Founder/CEO G-COM radio