5 Good Things I’ve Realized in 2017. Hello 2018!

2017 has been quite a year! There were a series of events that took place in this country that has corroded my spirit but I’ve also had some inspiring periods. It’s been the year of Trump, the year of mass killings, the year of racial unrest, the year of unexpected, surprising deaths and, for me, a year of self-realization. What a whirlwind of craziness and growth. It has also been the springboard year of lyfeblood.com with its new look and purpose. I tell you, these three hundred and something days have been an interesting learning experience. I’ve learned tons about my business, life goals, my friends, family, professional connections and myself. Out of all the things that I’ve come to realize, there are at least 5 things I can share with you as the year comes to a close. Here they are. I hope these points can be an inspiration to guide you in the New Year coming around the corner.

  1. Don’t waste the days you have. Life is finite. It won’t last forever. It ends. Every day is moment to do something significant with the gift of life you have. Take these precious moments to explore who you are. This society will try to force you into a box to be a drone. A worker. Don’t walk into that doorless corner. You are born to be free like every other living creature on this planet. Take that freedom and find yourself. At some point, this whole experience will end and we have no idea what happens after. I’ve noticed a lot of anger and bitterness coming from people who fell into this trap and are haunted from the limiting freedom of debt. This has caused an irritating pain right underneath their consciousness. You can avoid this anguish by opening your eyes to this maddening maze. Go and be free. Expect mistakes. Don’t give up. Mature, grow, and learn. In the end, you won’t regret it. Don’t spend your time wondering what could have been. The thought of why you didn’t take that opportunity is a greater pain than any bodily injury you can receive. Don’t live that life. Don’t take that road. Step back and choose the path that brings you joy.
  2. Trust in your instincts. 2017 was the year of the relaunch of lyfeblood.com. It was a long and tedious transformation but I’m here. Over the years and, in particular, in this process, I’ve learned to trust my judgment. When I was much younger, I always took people’s words and actions as gospel. Now, I know some people’s opinions are drenched in their own insecurities. Their opinions can be limited by the boundaries they place on themselves. We have to be careful who we allow in our heads. It’s fine to listen but always be keen to the voice that lies deep within you. Lyfeblood.com is not where it should be but the look of the site is great for what I need now. It will improve. I believe in its purpose and the eventual progress it will have in the coming years. I believe in how it can service people around the world. Keeping that in mind, I walk with the confidence that not everyone has the answers. I trust in the ancestors that the signs will present itself to help me along my journey. You have to think the same for yourself in your endeavors. Settle in your own confidence and walk your path.
  3. Not everyone will understand you. As you make your journey with your dreams in hand, you must understand one thing. Not everyone will get you… and that’s ok. I’m not talking about any apparent lack of skill in whatever you choose. I speak of the true talent you hold. The path you chose to live your purpose. I’m talking about Serena Williams in tennis or Jack Ma as CEO of Ali Baba. Some will get it. Some will not. For those that don’t, just accept their reaction and continue on. It’s possible they may come to a realization about you or maybe they won’t. Whatever it is, it’s not your job to convince them of this. It was not meant for them to get. Take your time to deal with those that do get it. When you make your way in life, if you’re truly dedicated to what you want to achieve, the people will come. Those are the ones that will truly understand who you are. Life will present you with signs that you’re on the right track. Just keep walking.
  4. Be patient. If I had to speak about one thing as a key attribute to have, it would be patience. Your high level of intensity in wanting something does not speed up the process of obtaining it. You have to use that energy to take the steps toward your goal but you have to respect time. The earth won’t rotate faster for you just because you howled at it at the top of your lungs. It will continue to spin on its own old, wise axis oblivious to your emotion. In other words, respect the process. Plan and take your steps. You’ll get where you need to go. The road will always seem long at the beginning but keep going. When you look up, you’ll realize you’re there. Just be patient and execute.
  5. Embrace your enemies It’s sad but true. As you climb that ladder, you would think everyone would pat you on the back and praise your ascent. Well, in reality, that is not the case. There will be some that will give sarcastic remarks, some will give bad advice and there will be a portion that will just ignore you. Matter of fact, it will come from people you would least expect. It can come from the people you most admire. Don’t worry about it. Again, it’s there own insecurities that remind them of what they’re not doing or you could be their quiet competition. Remember, a moving object never realizes its own speed. You may not recognize your growth happening but others do.Take a look at yourself. Do you need to change? If you genuinely see you have something special and wonder why others don’t see your talent then it’s not you. Is it possible you need improvement? Sure. Your true friends will see your talent and notice your flaws. They will let you know. If people only concentrate on your flaws then you know something is not quite right. Stay away from energy-draining people. They can be your downfall. Embrace your enemies. At times, they can be a gauge of where you professionally stand. Laugh and just keep truckin’ towards your destination.

So, those are some of the things that I’ve revisited from time to time in the last year. Funny, I used to worry more when I was younger. Now, I just brush it off. I take the learning lessons, adjust to the scene and execute a plan to get around it. I’ve become comfortable in myself on how to deal with adversity. I’m not always perfect but I guess I’m a work-in-progress. Isn’t life in general a work-in-progress test? Funny. I hope the points above can put some perspective in your life.

It’s Christmas, Hunukkah and Kwanzaa season. Enjoy the time with family and friends. Stuff yourself with good food and raise the bubbly to a new solar year. You made it. You won. You’re here. Accept your mistakes. Turn it around. Push forward and advance to the next level for 2018! I know you can do it. C’mon… let’s go!

Oh yeah, one more thing, this is the last blog for the year so I’ll be signing off for the rest of 2017. I have some good things for 2018 so keep plugged in to my writing. I do appreciate all those that took the time to read my ramblings. Yeah, I know. I hope your 2017 was fulfilling, heart-wrenching, painful, eye-opening, sexual, adventurous, mind-numbing, freeing, tearful, crushing, annoying and driven. I wish everyone a great 2018!

Happy Holidays to all and have a Happy New Year! I’ll see you next year!


Written by Nova Phoenix