Lyfeblood Mission Statement

Were you told you could never be something?
Are you confined by the daily grind of your job?
Do you wish you could have the freedom to be yourself?
Who can we connect with to share our dreams?
Who can we connect with to build a better world?
What would that look like?
What is your passion? Your heart? Your purpose? Your life’s blood?

We are many things – musicians, journalists, fashion designers, bloggers, political/social activist, chefs, scientists, inventors, health educators and so on… Most of us are not the jobs we are compelled to take to pay our bills. We should treat ourselves as people blessed with gifts that should be shared to all around the globe. It’ s our passions that drive us to believe – to breathe.

This is our Lyfeblood! is a user-generated site that will be a home where people can exchange ideas, network and materialize your dreams! It’s a space for combining the best minds to create a better future. Once that community of people has been built and when your passion is ready to be presented, feel free to share it with your circle.

Be active in the Dollar Power philosophy! Let it spread out to the world and build the message for the community to sustain itself by cooperatively investing in you. It only takes a minimum of $1 dollar a month from each member in your growing network for you to have the free time to work on your passion. You never know… your contribution can be the one thing that can profoundly change how everyone lives on this planet. will be the connecting conduit in the age where technology, internet and people will harmoniously mesh for the greater benefit of all humanity. It is this mission that will allow everyone to live freely and equally as they should.