Music Lyfe is a new feature with

It is an opportunity for hard working artists to be properly compensated for the music they create for their fanbase.

With the takeover of music streaming as a new means of distributing music, artists are left strictly to a method that gets their music to the masses but unfortunately the financial aspect leaves little to be desired. A-list artist can make some money but as a “C” and “B” level artists that’s looking to be supported by their art form, music streaming wouldn’t be enough to pay monthly rent alone.

In light of this, has created Music Lyfe. All an artist has to do is click on the Music Lyfe tab to upload their music on their profile. It can be an EP, mixtape, or any other musical project. It can come with liner notes (description of music production), photos, etc. Once uploaded, they can ask their fans to donate a monthly amount up to the value of the project. Depending on how you like it, your fans can donate for the duration of your project (ex. tours, promo runs). Just let them know when it ends so they can discontinue their donation. It’s a trust-based relationship.

As the campaign rolls out for the music, excited fans can make a donation right on the artist profile. Instantly, the “Music Lyfe” tab appears and fans can now download the music the artist provides.

Imagine a growing “C” list artist having 10,000 dedicated fans to share their project with. Each fan gives them $5 dollars towards their project. An artist will receive $50,000 dollars per month for their music. Compare it to music streaming  at $.068 per stream, Music Lyfe would easily surpass what music streaming platforms can offer.

So what are you waiting for? How many shows and cities have you visited building your fanbase? Join, be a lyfer, be apart of the Music Lyfe vision so you can make a living off the music you create.