WPRD 98.3 G-COM Radio Ep – 9 Thembisa’s Sexy Lyft Co-Rider and Kanye’s IG Message to Nick Cannon

We’re on our 9th episode of WPRD 98.3 G-COM radio! For this show, we will be talking about @thembisamshaka’s Lyft ride with a sexy co-rider. A co-rider was open talking about his love life in the cab with Thembisa and others. She wasn’t too fond of the encounter. Is she right about this man being too old to be slinging penis or is he just living his life? Also, we’ll be throwing in our thoughts on Kanye’s rant on IG to Nick Cannon and others for talking about his wife!

Check out the artists we have for this episode. We have Tae Money with “Spotlight” (IG: @taemoney.a) and Naomi Cowan with “Paradise Plum” (IG: @naomicowan). We also have a bonus track or, in this case, a fresh video from Shantel Sole with “Red Light” (IG: @shanel_sole).

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