Progress and The Painful Truth of Change

Are you ready for the “you” you always dreamed about? Have you been thinking about it in your bed at night? At your lame job? In an hour-long relief session in the bathroom? Yes! It has gotten to the point where you are tired of thinking about every move you need to make to live your life, as you want it. So, on that fateful day, you decided your life would be different. You chose to do something that you always wanted to do. On that day, you begin your journey to work on being the best “you” you could be.

As you plan, strategize and execute from one day to the next, you’ll realize your making headway. You get a financial loan or help from friends and family. Again, you further in your progress. While your going through your daily living, the magical moments happen. Omens, signs, life rewards (whatever people call it nowadays) from all the work you’re putting out chimes in every now and then. You take leaps (small and large) to the next level in this new life. Then it happens… You’ve graduated to the next stage in the proverbial career ladder. The opportunity finally presents itself and you’re here. You’re ecstatic! Overjoyed! Exhilarated! Once the pleasure settles, you realize it’s not just your old life that’s changed. It’s the people. The people you asked for help and the friends you grew up with. They say, “You’ve changed.” They twist up their face or slide unexpected advice that something your doing may not work. You think to yourself, “Why are they saying this? Did I do something wrong? Am I not seeing the whole picture?” The dark cloud of doubt slowly moves over you. In bewilderment, you think maybe you should spend a little more time with your loved one(s), take a breather or think maybe you’re not ready for what you’ve been dreaming about. Doubt continues to surround you. It envelops you to the point where you start to believe this may not be for you.

No! Nothing is wrong with you. Something has changed. You have. You have for the better—and sometimes the bad can accompany it as well. There are no absolutes in life. Progress doesn’t necessarily mean only good. Bad can share the same basket with the good. Take it like this, human beings are a lot like butterflies. Just like butterflies, individuals go through changes. They become different people from the choices they make. It can lead to terrible outcomes or great achievements. Changes can be rooted in circumstance or it may be something, as stated before, coming from people themselves. As far as personal choice, you have done exactly what you needed to do the moment you chose to want something different. In the grand scheme, this specific experience is a part of everyone’s journey since the day we were all born. We constantly metamorphose, transform and re-imagine ourselves into different beings at various stages of our lives. It’s called growth.

Unfortunately, there is a downside. These changes in your life will put you in a better space but it may not be so comfortable for the people you are familiar with. It may disrupt their comfortability; their idea of you or it could expose their own insecurities. What do you do? Some say you have options but truly you have only one. You have to move forward. You have to move mentally, psychologically and possibly physically. You have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will join you in your journey. Some will keep a distant attachment, others will jump aboard for the moment and, sadly, some will just not come back. To tell you the truth, that’s ok.

In your passage in elevating you, you will lose some people. It’s expected. It may be hard to deal with but it’s apart of walking the path of life. A decision has to be made. Do you want to live your life as you always dreamed or do you want to settle into someone else’s idea of who they want you to be? Remember, the harsh criticism won’t just come from an outside enemy. It will come from the smooth, sly coercion from family, friends or someone close. It will come from the familiar faces and the recognizable voices you hear in places where you spend most of your time. Guilt will be the sharpest dagger to pierce your ambition. It will slowly sink in and change your soul. It’s one of the simplest and most effective weapons a person can use on another.

If you’re dedicated to being a better you, you have to insulate your most precious dreams from all who may want to steal it away. Your materialized dreams can prick the soft bubbles most people find comfort in. Now, I’m not telling one to block every person out but listen to his or her words, feel their emotions and push forward. Carefully dissect what comes your way, discard the useless critiques and step into your self-confidence. Be strong. Know your worth and what you need to accomplish. Know that your truth will only have room for those who want to experience your best self.

So go ahead… be apart of the group that affirms to the world they’re the most skillful chef, the strongest singer, the fastest runner, the smartest inventor, the most innovative entrepreneur! You’ve been blessed with a life where it’s your duty to find your purpose. Don’t waste it with regrets. Live your truth and be ready to ascend to where you envision yourself to be. Once you do, take the time to embrace the folks that walk it with you. Enjoy it with those that are as happy as you became on the day you decided to choose this path so very long ago. Seize the day! Become the choice to be something more.


Written by Nova Phoenix