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What is a lyfer? A lyfer is a forward-thinker, a dreamer, a visionary, an inventor, a motivator and a thought-provoker. A lyfer is all these things and more. If you believe that you are more than what you are. You’re right. If you believe what you’re doing is not what you want to be. You’re right! If you know your surroundings is limiting your personal growth. You’re right! We all have the potential to be great. We just have to create surroundings that encourage our positive growth; Be what you dream to be. Sign up and be a lyfer. Be free.

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Whatever your passion is as a lyfer, you can create projects to show your network what you have been working on in your life. Do you have a new breakthrough invention? Are you scheduling a speaking engagement on your idea? Do you have a concert happening with your new music? By showing your dedication, you can warm people to donate in order to further your goals as a lyfer. These projects are a tool to recognize each other's true potential.

There are currently no active projects.

No Current Active Projects

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Universal Basic Income: What Are We Waiting For?
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I Pledge Allegiance to the Gun of the…
Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay. A crowd of people gathered to experience the sounds of music under a starry, magical sky.
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Progress and The Painful Truth of Change
Are you ready for the “you” you always dreamed about? Have you been thinking about it in your bed at
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For Those Stuck in Life… Get on a Treadmill.
How has things been since my last blog? Yes, I’ve been busy with life both personal and professional. Everything I’m
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America’s Workforce: Facing a Change We’re Not Prepared For.
Throughout human history, people have always worked. We had to build our homes, plant our crops and develop our small
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What Does Colin Kaepernick’s Free Agency Say About Us?
Whenever people want to get away from the woes of society, they turn to a few escapisms. People escape through
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