NEW FEATURE – Music Lyfe

Are you a musician trying to grow a solid revenue stream from all the hard work you’ve put in?! Are you upset that record labels are working on taking more of your money with these 360 deals? Are you aware of how music streaming is not paying music artists enough from the thousands of streams they’ve generated since the first day they uploaded their work? Well, we’re aware of the same problems as well and wants to change the way artists are being paid in the music business.

Inspired by the recent Lyor Cohen interview on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and reading several articles about music streaming and its inability to provide adequate payment to artists, I have decided to create a tool for artist to be more in control of the money they make from their music. In the spirit of the Dollar Power philosophy, a mantra for all lyfer members to donate $1 to each other on a monthly basis in order to help each other achieve their dreams, is presenting MUSIC LYFE.

MUSIC LYFE is a new feature for any and all artists to share their music to their fans AND be properly compensated financially in return. In order for their fans to get a hold of their music, the fans would have to pay a suggested special donation to their favorite artist. Once they donate the money, a tab called “Music Lyfe” will pop up and all music files will be available to them to download. During their limited monthly donation period, the artist can offer any special giveaway to the fans that donate to them. It could be a short video, more music, discount tickets or any other promotional items they would like to offer. Once the special time period is done, the fans can stop their donation OR continue to donate by changing to just $1.

We’re planning to turn the music industry inside out on what we’re bringing in the 21st century. All it will take is the will, desire and vision to see how this works for you as a forward-thinking artist and the spirited loyalty of your fanbase. If any artist or individual would like to speak more in depth for a business relationship between your work and, please reach out to

Let’s go and make history!