G-COM radio Ep. 36: Sudan Crisis Part 2 | Homosexuality in Hip-Hop | Joss Stone & Iran

For this show, I continue with the topic of the Sudan crisis. There are many countries going through similar societal disturbances. What are the causes of the conflict and what can be the solutions to cease the political unrest in the country. In the 2nd segment, I discuss the coming out of Lil Nas X and the issue of homosexuality in Hip-Hop. Last, I discuss Joss Stone being kicked out of Iran and the issues of dealing with differing social rules of other societies. 


  • University of Khartoum North American Alumni Fund – https://bit.ly/2XAqhYs this is however not available in all locations
  • Manchester-Sudanese Emergency Medical Aid Fund – https://bit.ly/2WxVMB4 this is a GoFundMe campaign that requires a debit/credit card
  • The Sound Heart Sudan Fund – http://thesoundheart.org/donate/ this one is a charity that allows donations directly to the Sudanese cause and uses PayPal which is more accessible


Artists’ songs on the show is Nakai Love w/ “Conflicted” (IG: @nakailove_), Darius Foster w/ “Valid” (IG: @dariusfoster732) and Andy The Crocodile w/ “Hope” (IG: @andy_the_crocodile).

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