G-COM radio Ep. 28: Lyfeblood & Germany’s EV Batteries | Black Churches | Bun B & Guns

@latashakmason is back in action. First, I continue with part 2 scenario of Lyfeblood’s application to BMW’s car battery issues. In the following segments, we accidentally get into a discussion about the unique ways of black churches and the incident involving Bun B shooting a burgler including feelings on 2nd amendment rights.

Song snippet by Ricardo Williams w/ “He Ain’t Me”.

Artists’ songs on the show is Ricardo Williams  w/ “He Ain’t Me” (IG: @iamricardowilliams), Seersha w/ “Typical” (IG: @seershamusic) and Anthony King w/ “Love Me the Most” (IG: @anthxnykxng100x).

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