American Economic Freedom Project: For Justice, Inclusion & Better Quality of Life

As we all know, America is currently going through a radical change through the protests and rebellions happening across the country. People have made their statement that they want to see the country change into a more humane society. The protests have been so loud that the world is hearing the screams of freedom. There have been several pockets in a number of countries responding by creating their own protests and marches. Even with the dark cloud of the Coronavirus pandemic, the voices of the world are joining together condemning injustices that is happening at this very moment.

Some people have articulated their criticisms with the effectiveness of marches being that this country has a long history of marching for a specific cause. In terms of police brutality and/or racial justice, African-Americans and Americans as a whole have exhausted several methodologies when confronting the government for concrete policy change. Even after the frustration and anger subsides in several American cities, what can the people do to continue the message of justice?  In the spirit of lyfeblood, below is a list that can provide alternative means of furthering the actions of freedom.

Please read and comment. It is a work in a progress but without some sort of direction, not only will the energy be lost in the protests happening now but also the individual hope from each person suffering from injustice. Below are the following:

  1. Filing a UN human rights complaint: Submit to the United Nations of the human rights violations committed to American citizens against the continued oppression of the killing of African-Americans.
  2. Build a group economics network: to encourage the personal growth or professional development of all people who lack financial access.
  3. Create a community SuperPAC (Political Action Committee): Be warned… Having money for any political campaign will not guarantee his/her allegiance. Be sure to find a local/federal politician aligned with the people’s interests. Consequences will be developed to ensure allegiances are maintained.
  4. Create & send lobbyist representatives: Can’t beat’em, Join ‘em… for now. Until we can eliminate the problem of secret canoodling, we can send representatives to align with the people’s interests.
  5. Transparency: Documentation or recordings of meetings behind the closed doors. If a politician(s) cannot record, they must report directly to the people of any potential corruption in the system. Name the who, what, where and whens. After informing the people, options can be explored in how to eliminate the problem.`
  6. Initiative for police departments. Some people may disagree with this particular solution, but it can be something to be discussed further with non-profits or grassroots organizations. The following are

A. Complete purge of racist officers within police depts. from low/high levels of positions.

B. Build relations with political officials or leaders of police unions. Fund & Restructure/Dismantle: Fund and restructure police depts. with the conditions that include training/firing/disciplining of rogue officers. NYPD will be dismantled and restructured to eliminate corruption and reallocate budget to towards revitalization programs for community development.

C. Adopt de-escalation tactics that considers use of force as last resort when dealing with the public.

D. Pass legislation on “Honey or Vinegar” offer: Based on the disciplinary record of an officer, offer 30K as “exit money” to troubled officers. If they decide to stay, the next altercation resulting in the serious injury of a citizen will result in a 25% reduction in the pension.

E. Provide alternate employment options: Some people who are officers have limited options and feel being a police officer is all they have as a means of living. In this case, develop a program for officers to resign from their positions and seek other means of employment or starting their own business.

  1. Create private security company: Private security companies should be created solely for patrolling and maintaining the peace in your communities.
  2. Start a local bank/credit union: It’s important to develop or locate a financial institution that supports the positive economic development of the community. Predatory practices are aggressively sought out and eliminated.
  3. Create a fund to finance small businesses in local communities. Businesses don’t need loans during this pandemic. Additional loans only compounds the problem of debt. This is counterintuitive in building a healthy business. They need cash grants. Local communities can fund this initiative. Also, as a means to strategically replace businesses that don’t support local communities.
  4. Strategic spending: Provide financial guidance to help eliminate wasteful spending i.e. food, clothing and other luxuries. In order to eliminate companies that drain our local economies and silent to the concerns of the communities, the people have to “starve” out these larger companies. An additional example would be biking as transportation. It eliminates money spent on taxes and/or gas expenses. It also can be a “two birds w/ one stone” method to revitalize local community businesses that can replace larger businesses with the same product or service.