What it is to be a lyfer? It takes vision, courage and a forward-thinking worldview. Lyfers are the spirit that drives the platform to where it can potentially be worldwide. In order to bring our personal goals to a reality, it will take each individual to contribute to the network emotionally, spiritually and economically.

Even though COVID-19 is the incarnation of death, it can be considered a life-saving event. It is the RESET we need as humans to veer back on the path of truth, balance and justice. Each individual is a part of the whole. The whole is primary in the development of group.

In order to maintain group cohesiveness, below are the 10 points that lyfers should strive to stand by. It is these guidelines that will be the foundation to the growth of lyfeblood as it establishes itself on the world stage.

  1. A lyfer is an individual with an open mind and practices the best of what humans create and contribute to the greater society. A lyfer focuses on developing the best for society, human interaction, technology, spirit, art, and health.
  2. A lyfer practices a decentralized means of economic practice. We draw from the network and not from one source.
  3. Exploitation is counterproductive. Lyfers do not take part in the exploitation of human beings in whatever capacity. It is the cancer that breaks down the trust amongst lyfers. Just like cancer, it will be identified and cut out.
  4. Inefficiency is equal to death. Understanding we exist in a system that does not express the beliefs of what a lyfer stands by, we are aware we must move within it. However, the primary objective it to eliminate what causes our i.e. We may drive gas-powered cars but we work towards discarding old technology (ICE machines) to make room for new technologies. (Battery-powered vehicles)
  5. We believe in the natural balance of all things. The natural world exists based on a balanced ecosystem. We are a part of that system. We are not controlled by artificial systems that dictate the outcome of our lives.
  6. Scarcity is myth. Abundance surrounds us. The Earth provides and our ability as humans to bring more out from the Earth is our goal.
  7. Diversity is our survival. We are an expression of nature like every other living thing on the planet.  Knowing this, we recognize diversity can
  8. The technology is for the advancement of the human family. It will not be practiced or instituted at the detriment of human life.
  9. Our world is our home. It is key to for our survival and health. Our natural resources (forests, waters, air & fertile lands) will not be depleted or poisoned.
  10. Practice of Justice, Fairness and Balance. Humans believe in these will strive to maintain the order of things. The practice of Justice, Fairness and Balance is primary for the health of the society.